Whalen Designs offers reliable GPR services using the GSSI, SIR-3000 system.

Ground Penetrating Radar is a nondestructive tool which emits, and then detects, return signals from structures and objects deep under the surface where other methods might not reach. Whalen Designs can use this tool to locate:

  • Buried Tanks/Pipes/Vaults
  • Sewer/Septic Lines
  • Private Gas/Oil Lines
  • Power/Electric Lines
  • Communication Lines
  • Water Lines

In many cases ground penetrating radar can be used to locate these objects prior to cutting, digging, or construction. This information will ensure that potentially unsafe utilities or obstructions below the surface are known prior to engaging in the work.

In addition to using the SIR-3000,

Whalen Designs also uses an Radiodetection RD7000 TL+ for locating utilities underground.

As the Telecommunication utilities continue to deploy highly insulated copper or fiber cables, tracing bundled cables becomes harder. The RD7000TL+ features additional high locate frequencies capable of pinpointing high impedance cables to help address this problem.


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Whalen Designs is now offering Ground Penatrating Radar and private utilities locating services.
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